Careers and Volunteers

Joining the team at the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority offers a unique opportunity to become part of the continuing story of one of Australia’s most significant World Heritage-listed historic sites.


Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) offers exciting career and employment opportunities. During our peak summer season December – April, we advertise fixed term, casual and seasonal vacancies in positions ranging from tourism operations and guiding at our three World Heritage-listed sites – Port Arthur, Coal Mines and the Cascades Female Factory – to jobs in hospitality, visitor services, conservation, administration, retail, and maintenance.

We value every member of our team and warmly welcome new staff. We offer a friendly, stimulating and enjoyable working environment, and we invest in our people with high-quality training and support. Our pre-employment programs provide nationally-recognised training in guiding, hospitality and tourism, and are offered free of charge.

Many of our seasonal vacancies are advertised on our Fixed Term Register, including but not limited to guiding, retail assistants, food and beverage assistants, cooks and grounds and gardens staff.

All current available positions are advertised through the Tasmanian Government Careers website, and in the Mercury and Tasman Gazette newspapers.

Volunteers at the Coal Mines

On the last Monday of every month, members from the local community and PAHSMA spend a few hours walking around the Coal Mines Historic Site observing and collecting data on the bird species present.  What started out as a short-term recording project to support growing the body of knowledge around the natural values at the Coal Mines, has now turned into a long-term data set that is into its fifth year of collection.

Members of the public are welcome to attend these surveys, which begin at 9:15am and conclude around midday. To find out more email, or phone +61 (0)3 6251 2335.

PAHSMA has a history of inviting volunteers to assist on a range of projects and activities.  From project support to the transcribing of convict records and other colonial documents, there may be opportunities to work at one of our three sites, or even from home.

There can be tasks that do not require any specific skills or experience, but if any skills are required, they will be specified in the task description.  If there are projects or activities that reflect your skills and interests, we welcome your contribution.

If you’re interested in volunteering in any capacity please contact us.