Ticking off the tasks



In case you were looking forward to the bird survey this week we’ve put it off until next week (as usual on Thursday).

Only two more weeks until Green Army kicks in and don’t forget next Tuesday is Australia Day so no volunteering then.  But this week our days and times are as normal.

Volunteer days and times:

We’ll be at the Coal Mines on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – times as follows:

  • Tuesday – meet at the Coal Mines – morning 9 to 12  and/or afternoon 1 to 4
  • Thursday – meet at the Coal Mines – morning 9 to 12  and/or afternoon 1 to 4
  • Friday – I’ll be picking up volunteers from Hobart  so meet at the Volunteer House at 8 (if you want to meet at site or on the way please get in touch and I can make arrangements).  We’ll leave around 2:30pm to be back at the Volunteer House for 4.

And there are always options for a pick-up / drop-off – please get in touch if you need.

Last week:

Surprisingly we did everything we planned to last week.  So, we cleared away the fallen trees on the sides of inclined plane; finished off clearing the area behind the Snr. Military Officer’s House that contains the soap aloe (Aloe maculata) , rose-oil geranium (Pelargonium x asperum) and canary/Montpellier  broom (Genista monspessulana) and lined the area with logs to guide visitors along the path; re-guarded the plants in the convict precinct that had survived the lack of rain but were not surviving the local fauna; and did some vegetation clearing (see photo) on the track from Plunkett Point to the quarry and then from the quarry to the firebreak at the north-eastern edge of the site which joins the track that continues on to Lime Bay (I presume).  And of course we collected the visitor logger data.

This week:

There’s still a little bit of track clearing to complete, we’re almost at the end of our aloe removal campaign, some of the signs also look like they need a bit of a clean, the area we cleared of Agapanthas needs a brief re-visit and there’s a bit of bracken to remove at a couple of the ruins.

And who knows what else will crop up….