Tasmanian convict sites to be part of nomination for World Heritage List


Five of Tasmania’s key convict sites will be included in a nomination for World Heritage Listing.

They are among 11 sites to be nominated by the Australian Government for their part in telling Tasmania’s convict history.

  • The Tasmanian sites that will form part of this nomination are:
  • the Port Arthur Historic Site
  • the Coal Mines on Tasman Peninsula
  • the Cascade Female Factory in South Hobart
  • Woolmers – Brickendon precinct (encompassing Brickendon Historic Farm and the Woolmers Estate) near Longford
  • the Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island

The World Heritage List contains natural and cultural sites that demonstrate outstanding and continuing importance on a global scale with the objective to ensure they are protected for future generations.

There are 15 Australian sites already inscribed on the World Heritage List including the Tasmanian Wilderness, the Great Barrier Reef, Macquarie Island and the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

The final list of 11 new proposed sites was chosen after rigorous assessment by the Department of Environment and Heritage, the state governments of Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia, the Norfolk Island Government and expert consultants.

Various sites were assessed against the technical requirements of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

Tasmania’s Aboriginal and natural heritage is already recognised and inscribed on the World Heritage List, as part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Tasmania will continue its partnership with the Australian Government to ensure Tasmania’s sites of world significance are recognised and preserved for future generations.

The nomination will be prepared by the Department of Environment and Heritage in partnership with Tasmania and other states.

It is expected to be submitted in mid 2007. An outcome is expected within four years.

Stakeholder consultations and information sessions with local communities will occur early this year in partnership with the Australian Government.

These sessions will provide information about the World Heritage process and give the community opportunities to comment on the nomination process.