Solid leadership continues at Port Arthur

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority’s highly respected Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stephen Large, will continue in the role for another five years.

The Authority’s Chairman, Dr Barry Jones, said today that the Board had unanimously supported renewing Mr Large’s contract until 2015.

“Stephen has led the team at the Port Arthur Historic Site for a decade, through some of the most momentous, challenging and exciting period’s in the Site’s history as a heritage icon.”

“When he commenced, the organisation was still recovering from the terrible impacts of the Port Arthur massacre. He has helped the staff and the organisation move on from that terrible event with tact, compassion and dignity, while leading it into a period of unprecedented growth in visitation and standards of conservation.”

“The Port Arthur Historic Site is a very different place now; widely respected for its successful integration of heritage conservation with large-scale tourism, a major cultural and economic driver for the region and now nominated for World Heritage status.”

Mr Large was initially seconded to work at the Historic Site as a temporary measure in 2000, but has no regrets about having stayed on.

“It has been immensely rewarding, if at times challenging, to work with the Port Arthur staff, community and State Government, to achieve what we have for Port Arthur,” said Mr Large.

“I am especially proud of the improvements and conservation projects, such as the Separate Prison, Government Gardens, Dockyards and many others, that have helped make Port Arthur an even more compelling experience.”

“It has also been gratifying to see other tourism operations establish and thrive in the area. I look forward to some of the exciting proposals currently on the table coming to fruition in coming years, including the Three Capes Walk and some new accommodation options.”

Stephen Large, PAHSMA CEO

Stephen Large, PAHSMA CEO