A busy week at the Coal Mines

Last week we got round to moving the logger that had shifted and had only been counting low flying birds and people that had strayed off the path.  It’s now firmly in a new home.  We also managed to get to the military barracks, convict gardens and an unknown ruin near the convict gardens to remove all the bracken and weeds that had re-grown and the tree debris that had built up. We also wandered into the military cemetery to check everything was still OK there.

Next week there’s a few ruins that need a bit of tidying up and we noticed a couple of patches of stinging nettles (Urtica urens) that need removing (that will be fun – gloves will be provided). But first I’ll need to check that they’re not the native nettle (Urtica incisa) before we get rid of them.

Away from the Coal Mines the Green Army team has been helping out with Penitentiary ablutions block excavation in quite mixed weather.  We’ve also finally finished sorting through the boxes of artefacts from the Radcliffe Creek excavation and started looking at the Watchman’s Quarters collection from 1990.  Next week will see us out at Pt Puer doing a bit more surveying.