Upcoming bird survey


This Monday will be our monthly bird survey at the coal mines historic site.  Everyone with a vague interest in birds is welcome – just bring binoculars and a bird ID book if you have them (don’t worry if you don’t – we can share) and wear your best drab clothing.  Also, please let me know you are coming as numbers are a bit limited.  The weather’s supposed to be perfect apart from a bit of rain.

Last time we saw two white-bellied sea eagles and a wedge-tailed eagle and consequently not much else. One of the sea-eagles is still hanging around, hopefully the other birds are used to it by now and won’t be in hiding.

Last week at the Coal Mines our Green Army team successfully finished off the last of their assessed training – well done to them.  And the combined volunteer and Green Army team managed to work on the final patch of Aloe below the Senior Military Officer’s House, did a bit of maintenance on our plantings on the beach track and in the corner of the convict precinct and removed bracken and other tree debris from the Surgeon’s Quarters, Coxswain’s House and the building just north of Plunkett Point.


For the rest of the week we were diverted to help out with the excavation of the Penitentiary ablutions block which is into its final week.  You can see from the photo some careful work removing soil from below a course of bricks while keeping an eye out for any concealed artefacts . The site’s looking very interesting now with various foundations, drains and walls visible.  In between excavating soil we spent our time cleaning bricks and artefacts for later analysis and even managed a trip to TAFE to look at future training opportunities for our participants.

Green Army recruitment

The next Port Arthur Green Army project gets under way at the end of the month.  So, if you know anyone aged 17 to 24 that wants to get involved in lots of surveying, monitoring and research around the various Port Arthur sites this could be just the thing.