Bird count results

Plans were a bit disrupted last week by a fire that started on Monday near Lime Bay, causing the closure of the Coal Mines on Tuesday and Wednesday. The fire did not impact the Coal Mines site and is now listed as ‘under control’ with no alert level. Pictured are some of our volunteers who are happy to see that everything is OK on site.

In the last full week of conservation activity before Christmas we’ll be bird surveying for the last time this year. Interestingly, the recent Aussie Backyard Bird Count had a rather alarming result for Tasmania. The top 3 birds recorded were:

  1. Blackbird
  2. House Sparrow
  3. Starling

No other State had more than one introduced bird in their top 3. Reassuringly, the top 3 recorded birds at the Coal Mines are:

  1. Superb Fairy Wren
  2. Silvereye
  3. Little Wattlebird

The first non-Australian bird, the Blackbird, came in at no. 23.

Conservation volunteers at the Coal Mines Historic Site

Conservation volunteers at the Coal Mines Historic Site