Battling stinging nettle and bracken

Last week we spent the morning around the convict precinct removing stinging nettles (non-native), thistles and bracken from around the prisoner barracks and solitary cells.  In the afternoon we were up at the explosives magazine giving that a tidy up (see photo).  Hopefully the bracken there will finally see sense and stop re-growing soon.

For the rest of the week the Green Army team spent a couple of days surveying features at the Point Puer boy’s prison.  The area is dotted with foundations, tracks, brick scatters and other remains that all need measuring, describing and sketching – good fun.  But, not so practical in yesterday’s wind and rain so we adjourned to the lab (Policeman’s Residence) at Port Arthur and spent the day cleaning artefacts from the current excavation at the Penitentiary and sorting out a collection from 1990 of an excavation at the Watchman’s Quarters (really just an excuse to stay dry and warm).