Track clearing and a cute echidna

Last week our wonderful Conservation Volunteers crew were busy clearing the track from the Main Shaft towards the Air Shaft and clearing out the back garden at the Senior Military Officer’s House, where they say there is now a view. They also got rid of a big chunk of Aloe and gave the Superintendent’s House a once over.

In their spare time(!), they checked the visitors numbers (its been busy) and did a final search for the hairstreak butterfly in a couple of spots that looked promising (but unfortunately not to an adult hairstreak butterfly).

This week they plan to finish the ‘garden’ at the Senior Military Officer’s House, tidy a few more ruins and get rid of a bit of Aloe.

They also send us this photo (below) of an echidna with sand on its nose, which is just too cute.

An echidna at the Coal Mines

An echidna at the Coal Mines